2021 Team Event Rules

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  • Entry Fee is $150 per team.  Money and completed registration form must be submitted no later than February 15, 2021.  Refunds will be given at the Tournament Committee's discretion. 

  • Maximum of 42 teams accepted.   

  • 2 shifts of Team qualifying available ~ Saturday, February 28 ~ 8am and 12pm.  12pm shift will open only after 8am shift is full.     

  • Players must be in High/Middle School and USBC sanctioned.  No home-schooled athletes eligible for this event. 

  • No more than 7 bowlers per team.  Schools may enter multiple teams; however each bowler may only participate on one team.

  • Teams must be formed from the same organized team from the most current competitive season or may combine bowlers from a maximum of two schools.  Combined teams will bowl in their respective divisions based on gender.  Co-ed teams will bowl in Boys/Coed division.  

**Due to current COVID-19 situation, if you are unable to build a team with these specifications please contact the Tournament Director at bowlhowie@yahoo.com to discuss. 

  • Up to two coaches allowed per team.  All coaches must be a USBC RVP member or a registered volunteer with another youth organizations.  Coaches must be certified in SafeSport program.  Confirmation of qualifications required.  Coaches not meeting qualifications may coach team from spectator seating. 

  • A minimum of 8 Girls teams is required.  If the minimum number of entries is not received, Girls teams will be given the option to bowl in the Boys/Co-Ed division or receive a refund of their entry fee. 

  • All bowlers will be scratch bowlers.  No handicap will be awarded for this event.

  • Teams must wear ‘like’ uniforms signifying their team.  Co-Ed/Combined teams may wear their jersey from their respective teams.  All teams are encouraged to wear like dress pants and/or skirts.  Denim, leggings, sweatpants, hats and attire with offensive language/images are not allowed.  Coaches must be identifiable with their team.

  • All bowlers must be eligible to compete per their schools participation policies.  All bowlers must be able to show proof of school attendance (ie, school id, report card) if requested from Tournament Staff. 

  • Due to the current status of COVID-19 in our region, the following rules will be applicable to this event weekend –

    • All bowlers and coaches are required to wear masks when in bowling center.  Bowlers may remove their mask when it’s their turn to bowl.

    • All spectators are required to wear masks when in the bowling center and should be limited to bowler’s immediate family.

    • Restrictions may change based on current COVID-19 status during event.

  • If this event is cancelled, all team registration fees will be returned in full within 1 week following cancellation.


Tournament play:

  • Check in for each day’s completion is 45 minutes prior to shift start time.  Coaches meeting will be held prior to shift start time.

Saturday Team Qualifying – 8am or 12pm start time.  Doors open at 7am.  Please do not enter building prior to 7am.

Sunday double elimination Baker match play – 9am start time.  Doors open at 8am.  Please do not enter building prior to 8am.

  • No outside food or beverage will be allowed.  Food specials will be available all weekend.  Refillable water bottles allowed.

  • Modified challenge pattern will be released 1 week prior to event.  Fresh oil will be applied prior to each qualifying shift and prior to beginning Baker match play on Sunday.

  • 7 bowlers and 2 coaches allowed in the bowler’s area.  Spectators and bowlers not actively bowling in current shift may not enter the bowling area.

  • Bowlers paddock area – An area will be marked out in the game room for bowling bags/equipment.  All bowlers should store their equipment in this area while they are bowling and vacate once finished making room for the bowlers in the next shift.

  • All equipment must be taken home after each completed shift.

  • No more than 2 balls per bowler in the bowling area.

  • No cell phones in bowling area during qualifying or match play. 

  • Additional details pertaining to the event activities will be communicated during coaches meeting each day.

  • Bowlers may remove mask when on approach.  When not bowling masks should be worn.


QUALIFYING (Saturday) –

  • 5 bowler teams will complete 3 regular games on same pair.   

  • Substitutions will be allowed at the start of each new game.  More than 1 substitute may enter the same game.  The person(s) taken out cannot re-enter that game.  The original player(s) may re-enter the next game.  Please contact Lane Monitor to make substitutions.

  • Lineup changes may only be completed when a substitute bowler enters the game.  Please contact Lane Monitor to make changes.

  • 10 minutes warm up will be given prior to each qualifying shift. Please remember lane courtesy.

  • Top 24 boys/co-ed teams and top 8 girls’ teams will qualify for Sunday double elimination Baker match play.  The number of teams qualifying may be adjusted based on teams registered.

  • List of qualifying teams will be posted after the completion of both qualifying shifts on Facebook/Howie Kolhoff Invitational, Facebook/Eastway Bowl and at the Front Desk at Eastway Bowl. 

  • Teams will be seeded into double-elimination bracket play based on qualifying results.

  • Top qualifying team in each division will receive scholarship money applied to bowlers’ SMART accounts.

  • All bowlers are eligible for All-Tournament Team honors.  The All-tournament Team will be presented prior to match play on Sunday.  Top 5 boys and top 5 girls will receive All-tournament Team honors and scholarship money applied to bowlers’ SMART account. 



  • 5 bowler teams will compete in double elimination match play ~ best 2 out of 3 Bakers games.  If the same team wins the first 2 games, a 3rd game will not be played. 

  • Highest seeded team starts on left lane.  Teams will change lanes at the end of each completed game.  

  • 10 minutes of warm up will be allowed prior to teams’ first match.  An adjusted warm up timeframe will be provided at the start of each match thereafter.  A warm up pair will be identified for teams bowling in next round of bracket play.

  • Baker play will be a 5 bowler rotation.  Substitutions are allowed during Baker match play.  If a substitution is made during the game, the bowler taken out cannot re-enter that game.  Multiple substitutions may be made during the game (including the 10th frame).  Bowlers taken out can re-enter the match during the next game.

  • Please remember lane courtesy and do not bowl more than 2 frames ahead of your opponent.

  • Tie breaker will be a 9th and 10th frame roll off (with the bowlers originally bowling in those frames).  All tie breakers will be completed prior to the next game starting.  If still a tie, will do best frame roll off, rotating through the team members until there is a winner. 

  • Championship match will be best 3 out of 5 Baker games.  If the team coming from the loser’s bracket wins the first match, a final championship match series will be played to determine the winner.  (3 out of 5 Baker games)

  • All tournament winnings will be dispersed to bowlers’ SMART account.  Prize amount based on number of team entries. 

$5000 guaranteed scholarship money available based on 42 team enrollments.  Tournament Staff reserves the right to adjust max payout amount if fewer than 42 teams participate in event. 

Based on event enrollment, the top 4 boys/coed teams and top 2 girls’ teams will receive scholarship money.